Vegan Restaurant Week

Vegan Restaurant Week

Vegan Restaurant Week takes place across the North East between 23 & 29 January 2017 and we’re thrilled to be taking part!

Spearheaded by local food blogger, Canny Food, the idea of Vegan Restaurant Week is to not only encourage the patronage of vegetarian and vegan establishments in the area, but to also support eateries you may not expect to offer meat and dairy-free dishes.

More than 25 restaurants and cafes are taking part – including us! Throughout the week you can enjoy a selection of freshly prepared dishes from our vegan menu, listed below.

For more information visit Don’t forget to share your foodie experiences on social media using the hashtag #VeganRestaurantWeek!


Vegan Restaurant Week Menu

Market soup of the day served with ciabatta

Selection of 2 or 3 freshly prepared salads served with toasted sourdough
£6.50 / £7.50

Jacket potato or bread served with houmous, sundried tomato,
olives and a salad of your choice

Sourdough topped with avocado, sea salt, chilli flakes, olive oil and a lemon wedge

Butternut squash and potato curry with green beans and brown rice

Falafel with baba ganoush, a choice of salad and pitta

Sourdough, sautéed mushrooms, tomato and a rocket and pumpkin seed pesto

Nibbles plate – olives, beetroot houmous topped with dukkah and served with sundried tomatoes, pitta and artichoke

Selection of 2 or 3 homemade sorbets
£2.60 / £3.60

Plus, other freshly baked sweet treats
(speak to a member of staff for our daily selection)

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