Factory Kitchen cake set up

Re-launch photoshoot

In this week’s blog post, we share some behind the scenes images from our photo-shoot…

Developing The Factory Kitchen’s new brand identity and menu has been an exciting journey for our team.

We’ve been experimenting with a host of new flavours and ingredients, and have revamped the way we present and garnish our dishes. From simple colourful salads to beautifully decorated cakes oozing with icing and cream – everything has been given a little extra care and attention to ensure we present the most delicious and appetising food possible.

So what better way to show off this scrumptious new menu, than take lots of Instagram-worthy photos of our food?

Earlier this week, our general manager Rachel took on the role of food stylist and teamed up with photographer Sean Elliott (who has a  studio in The Biscuit Factory) to capture some of the highlights from our new menu. Coffee cake , Victoria sponge, butternut squash salad, cauliflower soup and an anitpasti platter were just a few of the dishes we photographed.

Factory Kitchen cherry cake

Factory Kitchen fruits

Factory Kitchen platter

Of course, our location in an art gallery perfectly lends itself to more ‘arty’ shots, so we decided to place ingredients on mini blocks of wood, to look like mini artworks balanced on a plinth.

So where you can see these fabulous new photos, you may ask? Well, we’ve hand-picked a selection to feature on this very website. But you’ll also find them on a range of promotional materials including adverts, leaflets, menus and posters, so look out for these in the coming months.

We hope the images will showcase what we have to offer here in The Factory Kitchen and entice you into our cafe for some mouth-watering plates of food!

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