Illustrations by Faye Hanson

Five minutes with…our in-house illustrator Faye Hanson

Local author and illustrator Faye Hanson has created the beautiful artwork that features on our cafe’s new menus. Here, we catch up with Faye to find out more about this specially commissioned project.

Where did you look to for inspiration for this piece of work?
The Kitchen! The craft and passion that goes into the food at The Factory Kitchen really is amazing – I didn’t really need to look any further than that.

What have you enjoyed most about developing the new menu?
I love working with the dedicated, enthusiastic staff at The Biscuit Factory – it’s been a team effort.

Anything challenging about this project?
Time! I have a lot of projects on the go with different clients, and it’s been a challenge to multi-task.

How would you describe the new menu design?
Abundant, fresh and modern.

What impression do you hope this new menu will create when visitors first see it on a table in the cafe?
I hope it will help set the tone for the ambience…and the amazing food!

To find out more about Faye’s work, visit


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